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The Experience You Want In Your Corner If You Face Criminal Charges

Facing criminal charges in Kentucky can be unnerving. However, there often is a difference between what the state can charge and what it can prove. As a former prosecutor for the Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney in McCracken County, attorney Kevin Olsen of Olsen & Oliver, PLLC, understands this.

Speak With Us Before Talking To Police

Protect your future. If you have been charged with a crime, consult with a lawyer who is experienced in criminal defense as soon as possible. Kevin’s experience defending clients in a broad range of criminal matters, combined with his prosecutorial background, helps him make knowledgeable, informed decisions. Whether we take your case to a jury trial or negotiate a plea deal, you can be assured that you will be fully informed every step of the way.

If you have been charged with a crime, talking to police may not help your case and could hurt it. No matter what type of criminal charge you face, there is no fee for your initial consultation. To schedule an appointment, call (270) 575-3500. You can also contact us online.

DUI Defense Attorney - Paducah KY

DUI Defense Attorney

A DUI conviction can have a devastating impact on your life. In addition to stiff fines and possible driver’s license suspension, you may also pay high-risk insurance rates for years to come. If you have a commercial driver’s license or need to operate a motor vehicle as a part of your work, you risk losing your job.

Just because you have been charged with DUI doesn’t mean the state can prove the charges. As a former felony prosecutor for the Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney in McCracken County, attorney Kevin M. Olsen of Olsen & Oliver, PLLC, understands how to defend against DUI charges.

Building a Drunk Driving Defense

In Kentucky, police officers may administer a preliminary breath test (PBT) at the side of the road. However, pursuant to the Kentucky Revised Statutes, the results of the PBT are not admissible at trial. The PBT results cannot be used against you.

Have you been arrested for DUI? After your arrest and prior to a blood, breath or urine test being administered, you will have an opportunity to call a defense lawyer. During that phone call, we will attempt to give you information that may help you decide how best to proceed. Our office accepts phone calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Domestic Violence

Kentucky laws governing domestic violence carry significant and severe penalties. Whenever you are charged with assault in the fourth degree (domestic), you run a real risk of spending time in jail. A first offense carries a potential punishment of up to 12 months in the county jail. If you are convicted of a third offense of fourth degree assault (domestic), your charge may be treated as a class D felony, carrying a punishment of up to five years in prison.

Aggressive Defense Against Domestic Violence Charges

Under Kentucky law, police responding to a report of domestic violence may make an arrest if there is any sign of injury, no matter how slight. These charges can and must be aggressively defended. At Olsen & Oliver, PLLC, in Paducah, we represent clients who face domestic assault charges or other assault charges.

In cases of domestic violence, it can be important for your attorney to talk to the witnesses and examine the evidence – such as medical reports – to determine the strength of the charge against you. If the evidence is not strong enough to convict you, it may be that a trial by jury will offer the best protection for your situation.

Protect Your Rights

If you have been charged with domestic violence, it is imperative that you hire a lawyer with the knowledge to ensure that your rights are protected. Employing counsel early in the investigation may allow exculpatory evidence and witness statements to be collected. To schedule an appointment, call (270) 575-3500 or contact us online. Our criminal defense attorney represents clients in criminal matters throughout Western Kentucky from our office in Paducah.

Domestic Violence Attorney Paducah KY
Theft Defense Attorney Paducah KY

Experienced Theft Defense in Paducah

Theft of property valued in excess of $1,000 is a felony offense in Kentucky that carries a potential prison sentence.

If you face charges of theft, or if law enforcement officials are seeking to question you in connection to a theft, it is important to enlist the knowledgeable, experienced counsel at Olsen & Oliver, PLLC, in Paducah to help guide you as your case unfolds. Having competent counsel in your corner can make all the difference in resolving your case favorably.

Consequences of a Theft Conviction

Theft is a serious charge. To protect your future, consult with an experienced defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Drug Possession Is Not a Charge You Can Take Lightly

A drug possession charge is prosecuted as a misdemeanor or felony offense in Kentucky depending upon the type of drugs authorities confiscate. Olsen & Oliver, PLLC, in Paducah has extensive experience protecting the rights, freedoms and futures of people charged with drug possession.

Strong Defense Against Drug Charges

You may face jail time, prison time, heavy fines and other strict penalties. Your personal relationships can suffer, as can your employment and educational opportunities. With so much on the line, it is wise to speak with our skilled criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. We are committed to minimizing the negative effects of drug possession charges.

Drug Possession Defense Attorney - Paducah KY
Drug Trafficking Defense Attorney - Paducah KY

Skilled Defense Against Drug Trafficking Charges

Felony drug trafficking charges are serious charges and must be handled accordingly. If you face drug trafficking charges, it could result in a lengthy prison sentence and a permanent criminal record that will have a long-lasting impact on your life. At Olsen & Oliver, PLLC, in Paducah, we will fight for your rights and your future.

Ready To Protect Your Rights

We handle a wide range of drug trafficking and related drug crimes, including:

  • Drug trafficking
  • Drug manufacturing
  • Conspiracy to drug trafficking
  • Drug distribution

If charged with conspiracy, it is possible that you will be held accountable for the quantity of drugs — even if that amount is not in your possession. This is because in conspiracy cases, any single conspirator can be found guilty for the acts of all members of the conspiratorial group.

As your advocate in state or federal court, attorney Kevin M. Olsen will explore all possible strategies for your defense. We will analyze all evidence and make all necessary challenges to the search and seizure procedures. Our firm is committed to protecting your constitutional rights and obtaining the best possible result on your behalf.

Committed to Protecting Your Rights in Assault Cases

Assault charges can stem from seemingly minor incidents and have long-term repercussions. At Olsen & Oliver, PLLC, in Paducah, we are committed to defending our clients’ rights and minimizing the impact that assault charges or any other criminal charges have on their life.

Levels of Assault Crimes

We represent clients who face all levels of felony and misdemeanor assault charges. Below are these types of charges and the amount of jail or prison time you face if convicted in Kentucky on such a charge:

  • First-degree assault: Class B felony; may receive a sentence between 10 and 20 years in prison
  • Second-degree assault: Class C felony; may receive a sentence between five and 10 years in prison
  • Third-degree assault: Class D felony; may receive a sentence between one and five years in prison
  • Fourth-degree assault: Class A misdemeanor; may receive a sentence of up to 12 months in jail

Domestic Assault

We confidently defend individuals facing domestic violence charges. We will address all issues pertaining to the case, including providing defense for any restraining orders or orders of protection that someone may seek against you.

Assault Defense Attorney Paducah KY
Juvenile Defense Attorney Paducah KY

Trusted Legal Counsel for Juvenile Offenses

Juvenile offenses are not small matters. When a child is accused of violating the laws of Kentucky, it is imperative to hire experienced counsel to best navigate the juvenile judicial process.

If your minor child is charged with underage drinking, shoplifting, vandalism or any other offense, the legal team at Olsen & Oliver, PLLC, in Paducah is ready to help. 

The Difference Between Juvenile Offenses and Adult Crimes

The juvenile justice system focuses on being rehabilitative rather than punitive. Children are not found guilty of a crime, they are adjudicated delinquent. The philosophy is that children should not have to pay for the rest of their lives for mistakes they make when they are juveniles.

The commonly held view that children are always treated more leniently than similarly situated adults is unfortunately not always correct. Under some statutorily enumerated circumstances, juveniles can be proceeded against as a youthful offender.

A youthful offender is a juvenile who because of the seriousness of the offense has had his/her case transferred to Circuit Court and is proceeded against as an adult. In Kentucky, if a child who is 14 years or older is charged with a felony offense involving the use of a firearm, the case will be transferred to the Circuit Court where he or she will be treated as an adult.

Protect Your Child’s Future

The attorney you hire to defend your child against charges matters. Our defense lawyer’s background and experience provide the strongest defense possible for juvenile offenses. For a free consultation to discuss how we can defend your child, call (270) 575-3500 or click here to send us a message.